Existing Plugins

Obligation Plugins

class arpoc.plugins.obl_loggers.Log[source]

Log the access request.

Name: obl_log

  • loggercfg – the logger cfg of the python logging module

  • formatstring – A format string for the message generation

    default: {} subject.email accessed object.service [object.path] – object.target_url

The log will be created with INFO level

class arpoc.plugins.obl_loggers.LogFailed[source]

Log failed access requests.

Name: obl_log_failed

Configuration: Same as obl_log

class arpoc.plugins.obl_loggers.LogSuccessful[source]

Log successful access requests.

Name: obl_log_successful

Configuration: Same as obl_log

Environment Plugins

class arpoc.plugins.env_attr_time.EnvAttrTime[source]

Returns the current time (UTC) in HH:MM:SS format

Attribute key: time

class arpoc.plugins.env_attr_time.EnvAttrDateTime[source]

Returns the current time (UTC) in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format

Attribute key: datetime

class arpoc.plugins.env_attr_time.EnvAttrTimeHour[source]

Returns the current hours of the clock (UTC)

Attribute key: time_hour

class arpoc.plugins.env_attr_time.EnvAttrTimeMinute[source]

Returns the current minute of the clock (UTC)

Attribute key: time_minute

class arpoc.plugins.env_attr_time.EnvAttrTimeSecond[source]

Returns the current second of the clock (UTC)

Attribute key: time_second

Object Setters

class arpoc.plugins.obj_urlmap.ObjUrlmap(cfg: Dict)[source]

Maps a path based on the regex supplied in the configuration

Attribute key: urlmap

  • mappings: List of python regexes. The regex groups names are used for the data.

class arpoc.plugins.obj_json.ObjJson(cfg: Dict)[source]

Calls a url, parses the json it gets and returns the dictionary Uses the existing object data as http request parameter.

Attribute key: jsonsetter

  • url: the url to be called, mandatory