Special pages

You can currently add two special pages: userinfo and pap. To do this, supply either userinfo or pap as value for the origin_URL. All other values have the same purpose as for proxying a webpage.


class arpoc.special_pages.Userinfo(service_name: str, oidc_handler: arpoc.base.OidcHandler, cfg: arpoc.config.ServiceConfig)[source]

Class of the special page Userinfo.

Displays the userinfo of a logged-in user. If the user is not logged-in, an empty dictionary is displayed. You can force the user to be logged in by setting the right access control policies.

Policy Administration Point

Module for the Policy Administration Point (special page)

The PAP allows you to display the currently loaded access control entities. It also allows to test specific rules and visualizes the result of the evaluation.