Code Quality

To maintain and develop an application the code quality is of crucial importance. Therefore the whole code base is annotated with type hints and unit tests cover the core functionality.


Keeping a consistent code style makes it easier for new developers to get familiar with the code. Therefore the code style quality is measured with pylint ([pylint]). pylint rates the source code as 7.23/10.


Our complete project uses Python type hints. This way static sanity checks can be done to reduce the amount of bugs in the source code. An example for such a static code check application is MyPy. The type hints are done with the typing module ([typing])


Unit tests are done with pytest ([pytest]). The code coverage, i.e. the ratio of lines of code that are covered is over 80%. Performance important parts like the access control parser are also benchmarked, i.e. it is measured how long it takes to evaluate a certain access control hierarchy with given data.