Source code for arpoc.plugins.obj_urlmap

from typing import Any, Dict
import re
import logging

from ._lib import ObjectSetter

LOGGING = logging.getLogger(__name__)

#pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods
[docs]class ObjUrlmap(ObjectSetter): """ Maps a path based on the regex supplied in the configuration Attribute key: urlmap Configuration: - mappings: List of python regexes. The regex groups names are used for the data. """ name = "urlmap" def __init__(self, cfg: Dict) -> None: super().__init__(cfg) self.cfg = cfg
[docs] def run(self, data: Dict) -> Any: # must change data dict regexes = self.cfg['mappings'] for regex in regexes: try: match_object = re.match(regex, data['path']) if match_object is not None: LOGGING.debug("Matched path, dict %s", match_object.groupdict()) data.update(match_object.groupdict()) except re.error:"Failed to parse regex %s", regex) return data