Special pages

We currently provide two special pages: the userinfo and the policy administration point (PAP).



Screenshot of the userinfo special page

The userinfo prints the information that is available for the access control evaluation in the subject dictionary. It is the same the reverse proxy gets from the OpenID Connect provider via the userinfo endpoint.

Policy Administration Point

The PAP provides information about all access control entities and can furthermore be used to run the evaluation process with self-defined context data. The view mode enables the user to collapse certain AC entities, like shown in the next figure with the com.example.rules.is_workingtime entity.


Screenshot of the view functionality of the PAP

The testbed mode allow to evaluate AC entities with arbitrary AC context. The evaluation results are presented on an AC entity level, i.e. for every entity the result is shown: green for granted, red for denied, grey for no evaluation because of the target specifier did not match.


Screenshot of the testing functionality of the PAP


Screenshot of the testing functionality of the PAP, with a rule evaluated